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︎︎︎ Join us in demanding that the Biden Administration take action to help the Cuban people! In the wake of the destruction brought by Hurricane Ian, Biden can and must lift the economic blockade imposed on Cuba so that they can fully rebuild people’s homes and lives.

︎︎︎ Cuba has one of the most comprehensive hurricane safety systems in the hemisphere. Every citizen in the area under threat is systematically evacuated and brought to a safe location until the storm is over. However, like all aspects of life in Cuba, the US-imposed economic blockade prevents the Cuban government from fully rebuilding after the destruction.

︎︎︎ You can help by contributing to the Let Cuba Rebuild campaign or by sending a letter to Biden to demand the lifting of these inhumane sanctions!

︎︎︎Every country should have the sovereign right to rebuild after natural disasters. Join us in demanding that the Biden Administration take action to help the Cuban people.

︎︎︎ The US-imposed economic blockade prevents Cuba from repairing the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. Over 50,000 homes and 5,000 farms were destroyed. The power grid was damaged, and the electrical system collapsed. Cuba must be allowed to rebuild with its fullest capacity!

︎︎︎ Tell Biden to put aside old Cold War politics and help the Cuban people! To maintain the current economic blockade during a moment of humanitarian crisis brought on by Hurricane Ian is unconscionable. The blockade prevents Cuba from fully rebuilding people’s homes and livelihoods and prevents the international solidarity community from sending necessary aid!

︎︎︎ Demand the Biden Administration help the Cuban people in the wake of Hurricane Ian! The US-imposed economic blockade prevents Cuba from rebuilding to its fullest capacity. They are also prevented from processing many financial transactions because of their unjustified and unsubstantiated designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.