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︎︎︎ When your neighbor’s house is on fire, the normal human reaction is to rush next door to help. Biden can help Cuba right NOW by lifting sanctions and sending material aid. #SanctionsFueltheFire

︎︎︎ The largest fire in Cuba's history has been raging for over three days. Despite their request for international aid, the US govt has only offered technical advice. It's time for Biden to do more! Lift all sanctions and send aid to Cuba. #SanctionsFueltheFire

︎︎︎ If Biden refuses to send aid to Cuba, he should at least lift sanctions and allow US organizations to send food, medicine & other supplies without restrictions. #SanctionsFueltheFire

︎︎︎ What will Biden do to help our neighbors in Cuba? A large fire has been raging for more than three days, likely affecting its energy supply. Biden should lift Trump's 243 sanctions so that Cuba can fully recover from this tragic accident. #SanctionsFueltheFire

︎︎︎ Including our neighbor, Cuba, on the list of state sponsors of terrorism means its nearly impossible to send resources so that it can face this terrible fire that has already taken lives and injured many. Biden: help the Cuban people and lift all 243 sanctions. #SanctionsFueltheFire


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